Achieve Life Goals

Name   : Stefanus Dominggo

NPM    : 21208537

Class    : 3EB19 / Non Kelas

Do you remember what you dream as a child? when we entered kindergarten, the teacher at the school definitely gives a cliche question but it is actually very important, “great if you already want to be?”. With confidence we will respond to doctors, teachers, pilots, police, or profession which is widely known that a child’s age. But as we get older, most of us usually more hesitant with our own ideals hehehe …
Having goals is a must. Due to the ideals of the ultimate goal which is the image we want later in life. Life is like a person who is walking, when we have a goal we will find a way in order to achieve our goals. But when we do not have a purpose we just kept walking disoriented, even we do not know whether we’ve moved from where we left.
Aspire is a human activity which even today is still free. Even if we have not managed to achieve our goals, we are also not fined. Are not we supposed to be able to make the ideals of and as high as possible. Remember, there is a saying, hang your ambition as high as the stars.
When we listen to the show, lectures or seminars motivation to achieve success in life, anyone motivator definitely give similar tips. One of the tips or the first step of their success is to write down goals or desires as much as possible. These tips may be underestimated by many many people. At first I was also underestimate these tips, but after seeing what was done and what has been achieved by a friend, I was beginning to realize that having a dream is important and write that goal is more important.
A friend once showed a list of ideals and desires until 2020. Either I forget how many, but there are some ideals which he wrote big. One of them was that he wanted to study abroad, and what he can now that he wrote at the time.
Based on the stories, the people who have now managed to reach their goals are the ones who once had to write their ideals, or at least really instill their ideals in their minds. I wonder if there is a miracle by writing the ideals that they managed to achieve their goals. But there is one thing that makes sense to write down goals. With menilis ideals, we focus on what we want, and when we really focus on what we want, our subconscious mind will automatically record it and the whole body will go on and on trying to find a way to achieve the goal it and refuse to do things that would hinder that goal. We take a simple example, a person who had long wanted to meet her idol, will automatically wake up at 5 in the morning to pick up her idol at the station in the days when he used to always wake up at 7 in the morning. This is because she wanted her whole body up early then trying with all their might to get up at 5.
Speaking of writing ideals, There I wrote that I wanted to enter the competition on campus. Although not yet get a perfect result, ideals that little has been achieved piecemeal. And talk about ideals, there is one thing I aspire of small, I want to set foot outside this country. At that time I did not know what to do when out of the country, maybe for a holiday or something. But in recent years I think it would be much more cool when we are abroad for free and in order to be invited as a representative or an invitation to an event or in order to study and work abroad than to vacation. Through this article I also tried to write my goal is, that within the next 5 years starting next Saturday I will be out of the country in order to meet an event invitation, studying and or working.


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