Letter Inquiry About Promotion

Nama   : Stefanus Dominggo

Kelas   : 3EB19 / Non Kelas

NPM   : 21208537

Tugas   : Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2


Letter Of Inquiry



4 Nakula Raya Street

Bekasi 717244

                        23rd April, 2013


124 Buah Batu Street

Bandung 25026

Dear Sirs,

            Our company is a company the specializes in selling various leather products such as leather wallets, leather shoes and so forth. We will soon open several branches in various areas in Java. Although we will open branches in various regions, we would like distribution of goods to be shipped for sale in our company running smoothly and the goods we sell good quality goods with prices that can reach the surrounding community.

            Some time ago we read a profile of your company, your company produces goods in a newspaper. We are very interested to cooperate with your company. Therefore we are very happy if your company is willing to send the list of goods and price list production. If your company has regional branches in Central Java and East Java, we also ask to include the address of a branch office in your company so that later if your office area is very easy walking distance from our company, we can order the goods from the nearest branch office.

            We also hope that your company can provide special offers for our company. We are expecting a reply from you too cooperate with our company.

 Yours Faithfully,

Steven Dominggo

Purchase Manager


 Letter Reply



124 Buah Batu Street

Bandung 250226

27th April, 2013

Mr. Steven Dominggo

Purchase Manager


4 Nakula Raya Street

Bekasi 717244

Dear Mr. Steven

            Thank you for your inquiry letter of 23rd April 2013 and interested in our advertisement.

            As requested, we enclose here with the latest illustrated catalogue together with price list and the terms. Dispatch of product will be sent after we receive two weeks order letter, and we could give 3% cash of discount in 30 days from invoice date.

            We are looking forward to your order soon.

 Yours Sincerely,

Andrew Dani

Marketing Manager


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